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Angel Ribo is the pre-eminent advisor to CEOs who deeply care about their legacy

to their family and to Humanity.


Angel's goal is to help 810,000 kids in need in Latin Americs become entrepreneurs using local resources within the next 3 years.

Angel Ribo "The CEO Confidant" is the founder of Divine Human Ventures LLC. and Wisdom for Kids.

He helps CEO's double their revenue in 3 years or less by bringing an innovative and systematic approach to their organisations,based on strong principles, rooted in the essence of the Divine Human Being.

CEOs hire Angel to become fully focused on growing their business while keeping the Top Performers in their team.

Angel has 2 missions in that are both

deeply connected.

His number one mission and his life purpose is to help kids in need in Lati America with his revolutionary non-profit, wisdom for Kids.

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There are 81 Million Kids living in poverty in

Latin America right now.

His second mission in life is to help 7,390

CEOs within the next 10 years who will

impact their staff, their customers, their

partners and the World.

Why that number?

Because 7,390 Billion is the WW population today.

This is a great start for a new generation of CEOs

who deeply care about their legacy to their family and to Humanity.


Angel Ribo's success extends far beyond the corporate world and into the non-profit world, where he has built a thriving organisation that is inspiring kids in need in Latin America to build their dreams as entrepreneurs.


Thank you for visiting my website. I assume you are here because you want to understand me on a deeper level. Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share who I am with you.

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Early Years

I am originally from Spain. At 18 years old I moved to Barcelona from my hometown.

In 1996 I got married with my college sweetheart but 6 months later I got divorced. That crushed me emotionally.

I had to start my life all over again as a single guy...

In 1999, after working a couple of years in Spain. I was looking for a position that would allow me to go overseas and I found one in London.

I got the job and I moved to London.

The First Defining Moment of My Life

In London I was working for an American company and they invited me to a Sales Training Bootcamp in United States, Massachusetts. After the bootcamp I decided to take a couple of weeks off from my job to visit Mexico and then go to Cuba.

At the time I was reading a novel called "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield that discussed various psychological and spiritual ideas rooted in multiple ancient Eastern traditions and New Age spirituality.

When I finished the book I was in the second floor of my Villa, overlooking the ocean, the sun was setting and it was an amazing sunset.

For the first time in my life I felt this intense energy telling me that I had to go and work in Latin America.

After my vacation and after experiencing this powerful spiritual moment, Iwent back to London where I told my managers that I wanted to leave to Latin America and I asked if they could offer me a position there.

They said yes and after 3 months I was already in Mexico.

I started working there and I was very successful at the beginning but then my boss started asking me to get involved with weird illegal things that they were doing and of course I didn't want to do which led me to leave the company in 2003.

2003 was a good year however, because I met my wife :)

As you can see from the picture I used to be overweight...

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Things Weren't Always Easy

In 2005 I started working for a new software company after seeing an ad for a chance to open an office in Mexico City.

I applied for the job and got the job.

I was the number one person of the company in Mexico.

Out of intuition I had built distribution channels and personal relationships with different people.

Through hard work, by being a very good human being and by spending a lot of time with the people there, I was able to get some great results and I ended up helping them thriple their revenue in 1 year.

Because I got no directions I pretty much had to jump off a cliff and build an airplane while I was falling.

At the time my mantra was, "I have to help these guys. I have to be with them."

And I just knew I would get results.

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As I was so focused in my work I started to leave the family alone. I started to spend weekends away from home and my wife was thinking at the time that we were going to get a divorce.

Mexico City where we were living was also a very difficult city to live in.

As one of the candidates to the Presidential election in 2006 said that there had been fraud, living in Mexico City became impossible, so we moved to Puerto Vallarte.

I workd from Puerto Vallarte for a while and I got some really good momentum. All the people in the company knew, liked, and trusted me.

Then one day the Vice President for Sales came to Mexico and he said to me that if I want a better job I should move to the United States.

Fast forward a few months and my family and I decided to move to US where I had the same responsibility as in Mexico.

The Day I Discovered My Life's Purpose

In the United States I continued travelling for work and for pleasure through Latin America until one day, again in February, this time in Mexico City, something extraordinary happened again.

I was there in an event that was meant for people from all walks of life and social origin. In that event those people were taught how to become enterpreneurs.

You could see all kinds of people but, among all, you could see the high energy level that everyone had there.

The following day, as I was having a shower in the morning, before going back home a strong flash came to my mind.

I felt this intense flow of energy, complete state of bliss like never before in my life... I started crying like a baby, literally.

I suddenly understood why I had been called to live in Latin America instead of Europe, and why I had travelled so much with that due to my work.

The flash the came into my mind was that I had to take all the kids in need in Latin America out of poverty, through inspiration.

Through inspiration that everyone has an immense power to create their own reality.

My mission would be to reach out to all kids in need in Latin America and teach them how to become Entrepreneurs with their local resources.

And the way that I would use to create reach out to so many people would be a network of Angels, angels that would deliver those inspirational lectures over and over again. The Angels would inspire those kids to realize that they could start setting up their own ventures to help themselves and their families.

This was the day when I discovered my life's purpose.

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My Mission Today

And that's why now I have 2 missions in life.

My number one mission and my life's purpose is to help kids in need in Latin America with my non-profit, Wisdom for Kids.

There are 81 Million kids living in poverty in Latin America right now and my goal is to help 810,000 kids in need in Latin America within the next 3 years.

In fact half of my coaching fee goes straight to the non-profit and it's tax deductible...

My second mission in life and really something that's connected to the first mission is to help 7,390 CEOs within the next 10 years.

Why that number?

That number represents 0.00001% of the world population and I feel that when I achieve that I've made a real difference in the world...

I also believe CEOs run the world so that's why I want to inspire CEOs to give back.

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What do CEOs, leading tech entrepreneurs

and global changemakers say about Angel Ribo

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"When it comes to partnerships, Angel is honest. He is not afraid to point you in the right direction with hard truths rather than politically correct statements. Secondly, Angel is a man of integrity; he always does what is right and best for the company. Lastly while working alongside him, I noticed that Angel is also a man with a big heart; he is genuinely concerned for his clients and for that reason I am glad to be his partner in coaching

As a coach, Angel is also able to bring his knowledge and experience to the table in a very meticulous yet effective way. That is why my working experience with him is so pleasant yet fruitful.

His 3 main contributions to the businesses and to the leaders of partners we worked together were:

1. Operational Planning. Business operations were much smoother and efficient after implementing his strategies.

2. Financial Discipline. In my course of working with him as a partner, I've noticed that leaders of businesses got to learn how important financial discipline is for the company to continue thriving.

3. Gross Strategy."


- Pesident

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"Angel helped us beleive in ourselves. Thanks to him we started setting bigger goals. He is a true visionary. He pushed us to look farther into the future of the company and not to be too conservative in our thinking. With him our growth rateswere always 25+% year over year and he took our company from 5 to 56 employees.

What makes Angel different is that you can trust his word, which is very rare nowadays. He always sticks to his personal values which makes him a natural leader. Angel is a driven man. Never tired and always ready to face the toughest of challenges.

Right now we are on a path to increase our customer base 10 fold in only a few years and without Angel there is no way this could have been possible."



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"Angel helped us double our sales the first year by creating a new methodology and by keeping our focus in the business and in sales. Our sales team quadrupled and we lost our fear of going to the market.

Today my asles are growing 30-50% on a yearly basis, thanks to the foundation that we set many years ago. If you have the chance I would highly encourage you to work with Angel."



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"Angel's spontaneity combined with fearless execution and strategic thinking have been one of the most influential motivators for growth in our company.

When Angel sets a goal, you can pretty much rest assured it is going to happen.

Besides being IMMENSELY educated and experienced in many human and business areas, he is also incredibly supportive and among the best problem solvers the current marketplace has to offer.

Angel's precious assistance has helped me skyrocket my business growth by over 3.5X in only a few months while also takong my team's morale to a whole other level.

If you are serious about improving your business and aspire toward working with the most qualified, extraordinary individual, I believe that you shouldn't look further than Angel.

I know I won't."



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"Angel has very clear goals in his life. He also has the tenacity to finish what he started; no matter the hurdles in his way. Angel also maintains a very high standard of integrity. He always doese what is right and never takes shortcuts.

Things that make Angel unique are the fact that he is an effective coach. He doesn't just give you a fish. He teaches you HOW to fish. Angel also has a way to boost the morale of people under him and lastly, Angel is loyal to his clients and firm with his strategies.

He set the bar of our business to a higher, yet attainable level. During business trainings and consultations, Angel has taught us the importance of risk mitigation for our company. We grew from being self-employed to a business and this is all thanks to Angel. Our growth rate was on average, 20%-25%, every year from 2009 to 2013.

Overall, Angel taught us invaluable lessons which will be effective for our company in the long run."



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"I must say I've never worked with someone like Angel. His vision, passion and drive are on another level. If you are serious about taking your performance to the next level, Angel is your guy.

The results speak for themselves. His business consulting not only enabled us to skyrocket our sales, conversions, and exposure, but also bring our business to a whole new level of growth through strategically designed systems we utilized with his help. We achieved a sustained 25% growth rate over the period of 4 years, and we can positively say it would have been impossible without Angel's help. Thank you for helping us see and realize the full extent of our potential, Angel. We owe you a great deal."

Carlos Chavez


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"Angel is one of the most honest and caring people I know. We managed to get a business growth of 40-60% thanks to Angel. We were quite new to the industry but with Angel's knowledge we were able to grow.

What makes Angel unique is that he always builds win-win relationships and he has a unique skill to anticipate upcoming changes that most people don't see."



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The CEO Transformation Call

In this call Angel will help you transform your relationship with your company and employees by bringing an innovative and systematic approach to your company, based on strong principlpes, rooted in the essence of the Divine Human Being.



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